Vodafone Pocket Store
UI & UX design

Type: Professional project
Company: Applix Group
Client: Vodafone Italia
Date: October 2012

Native App for smartphones and tablets, both for iOS and Android devices.
It brings the Vodafone shopping experience directly into customers’ hands, including other useful tools for them such as personal account information, special offers, news and Augmented Reality.

Project realized in team. I was in charge of the UI and UX design.




▲ Concept

▼ Menu, reminding visually the main concept behind the App



▼ Multiplatform App



▼ App Flow







▼ Catalogue



▼ Shops



▼ UI Elements



▼ UI Icons



▼ App Icon proposals



▼ App Icon





Vodafone Pocket Store - App Icon



Disclaimer: Vodafone trademark and Vodafone logo are property of Vodafone Group.